Agreement Between and the User. Exness Terms of Use and the individual accessing this website, henceforth known as the “User”, have mutually agreed upon the following Exness terms:

Exness Terms of Use Part 1

Nature of the Platform. operates as a global platform that connects online traders, referred to as “Users”, and offers them insights about various brokers, termed as “Brokers”, listed on the website.

Commitment to Fair Pricing. commits to maintaining the integrity of the spread and assures that no extra commissions will be levied when a User chooses to engage and trade with any Broker featured on the platform. Users can Sign Up Exness directly.

Limitation of Financial Responsibility. Should a Broker decline to offer compensation, is not obligated to provide any form of remuneration to the User. Such a refusal by the Broker might arise due to the User’s breach of the Broker’s trading terms or other reasons. It’s essential to note that serves purely as an informational platform and does not engage in any financial transactions with the User. Exness Rebate also fall into these terms.

Profile Restrictions. Users are not permitted to create any profiles on The platform’s primary role is to disseminate information, and it does not establish any financial relationships with its Users.

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Exness Terms of Use Part 2

Data Privacy Assurance. is dedicated to safeguarding the User’s data. The platform pledges not to share any information obtained from the User with external parties, in line with the Privacy Policy available on the website.

Accuracy of Information. While strives to ensure the accuracy of the information presented, it cannot be held accountable for any discrepancies in the data on its website or on third-party sites linked to it. However, continuous efforts are made to keep all information precise and current.

Disclaimer of Liability. is not liable for any financial losses of the client due to the application of analytical or other information sourced from the website.

Intellectual Property Rights. All content and information on the website are the exclusive property of Unauthorized use or replication without explicit permission from the company is illegal.

Access Restrictions. reserves the right to restrict a User’s access to the platform in instances of unauthorized attempts to access site information, spamming activities, disrespectful behavior towards staff, or any other actions that hinder the smooth functioning of the website.

In conclusion, is providing a transparent and user-friendly platform for online traders. The platform’s primary objective is to offer accurate and up-to-date information about various brokers. Users are welcome to read and understand the terms of this agreement thoroughly before using the platform. By accessing and using, the User acknowledges and agrees to all the terms outlined above.


What is is a global platform to connect online traders with information about Exness.

Can I create a profile on

No, is purely an informational platform, and users cannot create profiles on the site.

Does charge any additional fees or commissions?

No, commits to not charging any extra commissions or increasing the spread when a user decides to trade with any broker listed on the platform.

Is my data safe with

Yes, prioritizes user data privacy and assures not to share any user information with third parties, as per the Privacy Policy.

What if the information on the site is inaccurate?

While strives for accuracy, it is not responsible for any discrepancies in the information. However, continuous efforts ensure the information is current and precise.

Can block my access?

Yes, if a user attempts unauthorized access, spams, or behaves disrespectfully towards the staff, reserves the right to restrict their access.

Who owns the content on

All content and information on the website are the exclusive property of Unauthorized use or replication is illegal.

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